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In the past 12 years, The Silver Telegram team has worked across technology from startups to IPO. Our full-range communications programs go from crowdfunding to thought leadership. We incorporate traditional PR strategies and execute them with a comprehensive tactical approach to ensure you get the most visibility.

Latest Case Studies

OneClock Crowdfunding to success

Launching a new luxury product in a pandemic isn’t easy, but OneClock did it and achieved great results with the […]

Farmsense SEO Thought Leadership & More.

A new startup in the Riverside ecosystem, we started working with Farmsense as they got funding. Since then we have […]

Launching Soundboks Go!

A return client, TST’s team came on board to launch the portable Soundboks Go! In North America. We secured top-tier […]

Hyrecar to IPO

HyreCar was instrumental in pioneering the new category of Carsharing for the ridesharing industry. As ridesharing (and HyreCar) began getting […]

As a growing early-stage company in Canada in the category of enterprise productivity, tasked The Silver Telegram with the […]

Launching Prenav + Funding

An enterprise drone startup in stealth mode, Prenav wanted to close a strong Series A by planting some seeds in […]