How to Improve Your Brand’s Communications Program

Updated January 2024 – We’ve been focusing more and more on an integrated communications approach to public relations, marketing, social media, sales, and any department to do with marketing. Working smarter, not harder is the name of today’s game. It is critical to find ways to converge your programs so that your teams can get more done efficiently in these hybrid times. There are multiple types of communications programs that brand’s often implement. Here are three key areas where your communications teams should be aligned. Implementing these tips will provide a great foundation to improve your brand’s communications program.

Tip #1 – Share content!

As a PR team, we always ask our clients “what customer case studies and white papers are you developing?” Despite the simplicity of this task, we find that many departments do not share materials and content across departments. That is the number one area that we find marketing and sales teams not aligned with what can also get them some media attention. Communicating these assets is the easiest way to maximize your resources, and creates a feeling of consistency across various channels. Are your sales or marketing team putting together a case study? Well, that case study should also be a press release, collateral that is downloadable for advertising and/or your website, and fodder for any upcoming events. The more you communicate about key sales areas, the stronger your alignment can be across departments to make the most use of assets you may already have.

Tip #2 – Line up your timeline/strategy with what each team is doing at a given time

A great way to line up your strategies is by creating a calendar that shows what everyone is doing right next to each other. Something in this format is an easy way to map activities that are taking place across different departments:

Improve your brand's communications program - The Silver Telegram

Tip #3 – Set a regular meeting to identify major themes, challenges, and opportunities

I know everyone hates more meetings on their schedules, but setting up this quick and simple meeting to sync up your sales, social, PR, and marketing strategies at least once every two weeks, will make all the difference. Keep the meetings short by asking your teams to come ready with their:

  • Major themes/trends/takeaways

  • Challenges

  • Opportunities

  • Other items of note

This keeps everything concise and follows check-in project management rules outlined by SCRUM, a framework for developing, delivering, and sustaining products in a complex environment. While this is often used in software development and engineering, it’s a method that’s useful in every field.

The Takeaway – Improve Your Brand’s Communications Program

These three tips are the beginning of a successful integrated communications approach that will save your startup or organization time and money. The other added bonus is brainstorming across departments often brings to light ideas that siloed business units typically don’t have. Good luck and reach out if you’d like to schedule a complimentary strategic brainstorm with The Silver Telegram, we’re always here to support your efforts.