How to Make Your News More Enticing

Updated February 2024 – Over the past two decades I have heard some interesting stories and requests. Some people want to launch revolutionary drones that will create safer workspaces for dangerous jobs while others want to announce that they have a new website because they think their audience will like their new branding. The one thing remains the same is that in order for any of these press releases or “pieces of news” to work, they need to be newsworthy. In working with 100’s of journalists, we have learned that timeliness, relevance, and impact are the three most important keys to a press release. In this blog, we’ll talk about how you can make your news more enticing to reporters and media, giving you the power to make even the most unassuming PR Newswire release newsworthy.

How are you first, better or best?

This is actually something a client taught me a long time ago. We always knew that this is the attention grabber, but it wasn’t a phrase we typically used. Now we don’t talk about press releases without mentioning this. How is what you are announcing first, better or best in class, in the industry, in the world? While it seems like a big notion to even consider this for a press release, a PR is really about announcing something big, not just anything that comes to mind. You should be driving to impact your customer with every announcement you make.

This is often where our clients have a misconception that a press release is just to make noise and improve SEO. If your press release seems flat, it probably is. Another question to ask yourself is “why”? Why are you doing a press release? Part of the reason many think that press releases are dead is because like most effective tactics, they have been misused and abused over the years.

Make sure that whatever you put out via press release always creates some kind of industry impact.

Help the journalist write the best article possible…

As brands that are trying to grow sometimes, we forget that a press release is meant to help the journalist write a top-notch story. So try to use that as a method of developing your release. What would a good journalist need to create the story that you are envisioning? Aside from the press release, which should be like a fact sheet for your news; what other resources, reports, data or information would the journalist need.

Working with startups, the biggest complaint I have is that the executive team doesn’t make enough time for or prioritize PR opportunities. We work very hard on the sidelines to secure opportunities only to have them fall through because of a lack of response from executives, executive availability (or lack thereof) or lack of original input and expertise. We are happy to connect the dots for you, but at the end of the day the company spokesperson(s) needs to step up and be the brand champion.

Why does your customer (or reader) care?

A great way to identify this key component of a press release is to ask your sales team. Yes, you heard that right. What is helping them sell? Tap into a winning conversation or proposal and find out what the thing was that made the customer say “yes”. This is likely the same challenge and issue that other similar customers are trying to solve and information that a journalist would likely want to highlight in their story. Leveraging customer wins and stories is a great way to secure media coverage because of the relevance factor to your industry. And the goal of the journalist overall is to get more eyeballs to their story and to help educate their readers…so do that.

Don’t be stingy, give them bold information that they may not get from a competitor and that can make your news or insight stand out from a crowd of brands.

Are you changing industry norms?

If what you are announcing is changing the way people do things, it could be a critical way for you to get some views. Remember you are writing for journalists that are interested in and want news in your category. Do your best to talk about how you’re shifting the industry or innovation in a positive and new way.

Does your headline capture the reader?

One of the biggest challenges of writing a good press release is crafting a headline that will a) position the release as newsworthy 2) capture the attention of the reader and 3) get them to continue reading. I always craft my headline in this order and sometimes I even craft the headline to help frame the direction of the press release. Make sure the headline reads as news not only to you but to anyone who reads it. To capture attention, you’ll want to make sure it is concise and clear to understand. Last but not least, don’t reveal Everything in the headline, you want to leave something to read in the body of the email, this should just be a teaser. Here’s a great resource with 5 ways to write the perfect headline.

The Takeaway – Make Your News More Enticing

At the end of the day, the press release can be a very effective tool to use in your PR arsenal if you carefully and thoughtfully craft it. It’s all about storytelling and framing your news for your target audience and showing the impact and importance of the milestones that your company is reaching. In the meantime, if you have tried these 5 methods to make your news more enticing to reporters and still aren’t having much luck, perhaps it is time to schedule a complimentary call with the public relations experts at The Silver Telegram to discuss your current approach and how you could optimize things. We also recommend checking out our wildly popular article that covers the five reasons why media is ignoring your press release as well as this informative article with 4 evergreen press release ideas.