About Silver Telegram

Started in 2011, The Silver Telegram (TST) started doing PR for video games and enterprise technology companies. As crowdfunding became popular in 2012, The Silver Telegram became the premier media relations agency for consumer tech startups launching on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Since then we have developed our media and content chops for growth focused brands that want to elevate their level of brand awareness across consumer good and enterprise technology.

Our team is a fully remote, global force of experienced public relations, marketing, social media and digital web communicators. With The Silver Telegram, you have a fully integrated team that can help you reach your target audiences in creative, efficient and fun ways!

guaranteed results

The Silver Telegram Guarantee

The Silver Telegram is the ONLY agency that guarantees earned media results!

We are passionate about doing good work and getting results for our clients. That’s why we have a TST Guarantee for results and media coverage. We are confident that we can tell your story or we won’t work with, simple as that, because your reputation is our reputation too.

How do we do it?

Let us start by saying no earned media outlet will guarantee your coverage. It’s not a scam or trick either. However, when you know how to tell a story, you pick up a few things to learn how to make it work. We take your goals and objectives, your wish list media outlets and work backwards. How does YOUR story fit into what the journalist/outlet/readers want to hear?

It’s likely you already have the pieces of a great story, we just help you uncover and organize them. With decades of experience, our team can make sure that we get media placements in the places that are right for your target audience. This guarantees that you gain visibility in any project we work on together.

Our Team

The Silver Telegram Signature Approach

Every brand has different and unique needs, so every campaign we create is customized to meet your specific needs and goals. We are extremely flexible, communicative and can pivot quickly when needed. You’ll find that The Silver Telegram team will always provide the most strategic and transparent recommendations to get you the best results possible.