As we know in the Holiday circuit, Giving Tuesday comes around every Tuesday after Thanksgiving. This year it will be November 30th, so getting ready now is ideal. It can be another great time to generate buzz for your business. We have created some awesome charitable moments for CPG brands with a positive feel-good component that gives back and give consumers and business the opportunities to also get a charitable tax break while doing their holiday shopping.

Giving Tuesday deals are most likely covered by those reporters that work as “commerce” reporters or are focused on non-profit giving or earth-friendly initiatives.

This is a moment to make people feel good about their holiday purchases as well, so we align product purchases with charitable organizations and give back campaigns. If you’re an organization that already does this, then you can leverage on Giving Tuesday and it’s not too late. Here is a list of outlets that have covered Giving Tuesday initiatives in 2020, that will most likely cover it again. Unfortunately, with the turnover in the media today, we can’t know if the same reporters will be covering this story.

If you have local stations, you can start there. There are typically 5-10 prominent local broadcasts and it’s easy to find their contact information on their website. Here are 10 national media outlets that cover Giving Tuesday stories.


Fox Business

Good Morning America

Los Angeles Magazine


PC Magazine

USA Today

US Weekly

Remember to lead with your Charitable donation and how purchases during this day impact the world, rather than your business (that’s obvious). The sooner you go out with this pitch before Giving Thursday, the better! Good luck.