How to drive brand visibility in 2024

Updated January 2024 – Digital media and media relations is becoming increasingly noisy and it will be important to have a content strategy that will focus on targeting customers and goals in 2024. With a recession looming, brands are tightening their budgets, but here are four main reasons you shouldn’t cut your communications budget in half just yet and answer the ever-popular question: how to drive brand visibility.

Staying ahead of your competitors

In a time where marketing and communications budgets are typically the first thing to go, it may not be wise to limit yourself in communications just yet. As was prevalent during the pandemic, brands came to us mid-year scrambling to be seen and create a brand presence before the year was over to go into the following year with stronger force. As your competitors cut their budgets, who is going to rise to the top if no one is visible in media, social media or digital marketing. Keeping a dynamic communications program is simply competitive marketing at this point. Take advantage of what we know what the market will do out of habit and use it as a competitive edge for the next year. Not only that, then you won’t be scrambling to become relevant again when the end of the year approaches.

Driving visibility in the media

The media will still need brands to write about, trends to discuss and news to share. Limiting your media relations budget not only will keep your voice and brand out of the media, but it will take you out of important trend conversations that you should be a part of. Another trend we saw during the pandemic were companies pulling back and then rushing to get as much as they could. The media have their own cycles that are not easily to manipulate or manage when we want to.

Building industry thought leadership in niche categories

Becoming a thought leader in a quiet industry is much easier than scrambling to get to the top. While we are finding that the increase in digital content does make the overall playing field quite noisy, this is prime time to develop thought leadership in your category or niche. It’s a great time to coin something new or champion a cause as well. In order to do this, you have to keep a pulse on relevant reporters, reports, news trends and media content among other things.

Content prevails as King!

A truth that will never fade is one that we should all keep in mind…Content is king! This is more true today than ever before. While there are many that suffer from information overload, there are more creative ways to produce content. We suggest you diversify the types of content that you produce, publish and share to include written, audio, video and graphical content. With social platforms springing up overnight and digital consumption at an all time high, you want to reach your audience the way they want to be reached. Try something new and remember that quality over quantity should always be the goal.

The Takeaway – How to drive brand visibility in 2024

We are so happy to support our clients into this new digital age where we can increase the level of creativity and leverage AI-generated data and metrics to understand what approaches work the best and how we can amplify content to maximize its potential. If you’re ready to create a strategic communications that will amplify your content, let’s talk! Connect with us on Linkedin and schedule a complimentary call with the public relations professionals at The Silver Telegram.