Sometimes the end of the year doesn’t quite go out with the bang that we suspect that it will. And with the start of a fresh new year, you want to establish the positioning of your brand and leadership early (while others are still pondering the year before ;). There are several ways to create your own momentum going into the new year. A perfect example is our latest Forbes article: Nine Essential Steps To Guide Your 2022 Communications Strategy.

One great way to drive momentum is to talk about your industry predictions for the New Year, especially if you have subject matter expertise that others can find useful. If not you directly, you can compile predictions from the experts on your team and release them in various formats. See four ways to get media coverage and website traffic through predictions below.

  1. Write a predictions blog

    Our best practices say that you want to get into a common number like 3, 5, or 10 predictions. Make sure that the predictions are unique and different from what’s already been promoted in the industry. If it’s not entirely unique then make sure to add your unique spin to it.

  2. Submit contributed content diving deeper into your predictions

    There are several online media outlets that will accept submitted content from businesses that have impactful industry insights. Some of them are called expert opinions or expert corners, some are typically called industry insights. Take one of your industry predictions and expand on how it will affect your industry. The great part about contributed content is that you are educating your audience and giving them value all while getting exposure in a credible publication. Check out our blog on how to get media coverage for tips on contributed content.

  3. Issue a press release

    Oftentimes when December rolls around and we want to leave the industry noisy, we work with our clients to call out industry predictions for the upcoming year in a press release. This gives them a press release to go out with at the end of the year, and even serves as a benchmark for their industry expertise. This is a great way to expand your SEO with several key areas and potentially be found in media search when they are honing in on different topics throughout the year (journalists use Google too, ya’ know).

  4. Pitch your experts to podcasts

    Use the predictions you’ve created to find out who has been talking about those topics on podcasts. The more you reach out in specific topic areas, the more likely it is that you’ll get into various types of podcasts that may be interested in your unique positioning that is set forth in your predictions. For best practices on nailing your podcast interview, read this blog.

Remember to keep in mind that the predictions should be something you and your business want to focus on, not just random predictions. It’s also a great way to set up your messaging map for a new year. These four easy ways to leverage the things you already know to get into the media can get you started on the right foot. Just make sure you don’t delay, because the longer you take to promote your predictions, the closer they are to being in the past.