PR For Startups

There will be a time in your startup career that you will consider startup PR. As a PR pro that has been doing this for two decades, I can tell you that Startup PR and PR for big brands is different. The Silver Telegram first really got a solid taste of our startup culture when we began supporting Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns back in 2011. Talk about scrappy, fast and effective PR. With a crowdfunding campaign you have 30-45 days to make a big impact, sometimes making or breaking a company. That’s where we got most of our scrappy Startup PR chops nailed down.

That said, many of you may wonder if there is really a difference between a regular PR agency and one that has experience or focuses in startups. Well…let me tell you, there is. I have worked in both environments as well as in-house PR and each one has its own dynamic format and methodology.

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While I can probably come up with a whole dictionary of public relations do’s and don’ts, for startups the seven areas listed here are key areas where startups differ and can begin educating themselves. The best thing about startup PR is the ability and opportunity to be creative with what you do. Just have a backup plan or pivot plan in case it doesn’t go the way you want. Creating a strategic communications or PR program may be the key to becoming the next leading innovator in your industry.

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