Our “Hot List” of eCommerce Podcasts – Increasing Brand Awareness

Podcasts are a hot commodity and one you should explore pitching when you are in the world of getting brand awareness and visibility. So, in this blog I’ve pulled together a hot list of podcasts for the growing world of eCommerce which is bustling at the moment.

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Some tips to remember when pitching Podcasts:

  • Create a podcast profile/bio
  • Offer 2-3 interesting topics that are targeted towards the podcast audience
  • Prepare by listening to previous podcasts that have been recorded
  • Don’t forget to do your part to share on social media and tag the host and podcast on LinkedIn.
  • Always have a high-res photo (300 dpi) of yourself ready for promotion

“Hot List” of eCommerce Podcasts (and then some)

Beyond the Inbox The eCommerce Fuel Podcast
2X eCommerce Podcast The eComm Manager Podcast
My Wife Quit her Job Future Commerce Podcast
eCommerce FastLane eCommerce Lifestyle
eCommerce Conversations The Fizzle Show
Next in Retail Podcast (bonus) Honest eCommerce (bonus, sponsored)
eCommerce Paradise (bonus) Secrets To Scaling Your Ecommerce Brand (bonus)


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