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Ep. 103 Developing CRM best practices. An interview w/ JP Van Dyke, President of JAC consulting

PR goes hand and hand with business development whether you realize it or not. That’s why it’s important to develop solid CRM practices in your organization early and often. In this episode, we interview JP Van Dyke, a lead gen specialist and certified LinkedIn expert to talk about how to manage your CRM process and best practices when messaging new prospects. JAC Consulting has worked with 1000’s of businesses, startups, entrepreneurs, political consultants and political campaigns across the globe.

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Ep. 1 The importance of a strategic PR plan and how to get started

Having a PR program is great, but what’s a good PR program without the right strategy? Make sure you have your bearings in place before you begin executing a communications program. What are the key things you should consider before getting started and while crafting your strategic goals? In this podcast, Ronjini Joshua will walk through the basics of PR strategy to help you figure that out.

Ep. 97 The new world of press releases. An interview with Mickie Kennedy, CEO of eReleases

The question of what a press release is and when you can use one is always an interesting one. In this podcast, we get to chat with the CEO of eReleases, Mickie Kennedy about best practices in press releases, the effectiveness of the press release and best practices in knowing how, what and when to publish news. Listen in to get an understanding of how press releases work and how to make the most of them.

Ep. 107 Media Relations Common Sense

When we are diligent PR professionals, we like to expect that our clients will appreciate and respect the work we do. While everyone can do PR, they may not necessarily understand the industry and its best practices, we understand that. That’s why in this short podcast, we go over some media common sense. This is an essential listen for anyone that plans on working with a PR agency or trying to understand the media better. Tune in to get your Media Common Sense now!

Ep. 67 Twelve Frequently Asked Questions about Public Relations

We’ve noticed there are many common questions when understanding what to expect when it comes to PR work, PR outcomes and PR measurement. In this podcast we dive into some frequently asked questions about PR, what to expect from an agency and other odds and ends of the public relations world.