Five Best Practices for Issuing Press Releases

By: Ronjini Joshua is the CEO and Founder of The Silver Telegram, Host of The PR Playbook Podcast and founder of The Social Equity Council.

You’re ready for a press release? If you want to issue a press release the right way, there are five critical questions to address before making the decision to “release” your news. If you issue too many releases without thought and intention, you can very quickly become the brand that just puts out news to create noise.

So, here are questions to ask before you put pen to paper.

1. Press Release: Is your news … actually news?

If you are releasing a new website or changing your logo, that’s not news. However, if you hit an industry or company milestone, filed a patent, are introducing a new executive team with clout—those are all things that are very well newsworthy and will draw some attention.

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Congratulations! Now that you’ve gone through the gambit of questions, you’re ready to move forward with your press release. Make sure you augment your press release with images and/or video and that you have a press kit ready to follow up with and pitch to the media.

Remember that your press release is just the beginning of the conversation; it will be your job to cultivate, nurture and develop the relationship so that you can get the media coverage you’re seeking. It’s a classic vessel to disseminate news and gets a foot in the door for your larger media relations program.