Welcome to TST’s Tech Hotlist where we highlight key journalists for your various vertical topics. Today we are writing about “breaking news” reporters. Breaking news needs to be timely and relevant to get the attention that you seek.

Some tips to remember:

  • Always do your background research on each reporter to identify timeliness and relevance.

  • Read the reporter’s previous articles.

  • Check for article collaborators who may also be good contacts for your story.

  • If you’re searching for contacts, check the masthead of the media outlet which is usually on the “About us” or “Contact us” page. You may also find it in the media kit.

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Our “Hot List” of breaking news reporters

Associated Press, Freida Frisaro

Breaking News Staff

Email: ffrisaro@ap.org

Location: Miami

Axios, Ivana Saric

Currently breaking news reporter @axios

Email: ivana.saric@axios.com

Location: New York

Website: https://www.ivanasaric.com/

Journalist based in New York, currently working as news reporter at Axios, and interested in stories about politics, culture, climate, and gender.

CNN, Veronica Rocha

Executive Editor of Breaking News for @CNN.

Email: veronica.rocha@warnermedia.com

Location: Los Angeles

Fan of sarcasm, true crime, weird news & bubble wrap. Coffee, please.

Engadget, Billy Steele

Email: billy.steele@engadget.com

Location: Carolina

Billy has been covering audio for a decade. He’s also an aspiring backyard pitmaster with a number of smart grill reviews and outdoor gear guides under his (apron) belt.

Wall Street Journal, Paul Ziobro

Breaking News Reporter

Email: Paul.Ziobro@wsj.com

Location: New York

KTLA 5 (Los Angeles), John Fenoglio

Breaking News TV Reporter

Email: john.fenoglio@ktla.com

John Fenoglio is a broadcast journalist with Tribune-owned KTLA 5 News. He is responsible for covering the 2016 Presidential Elections, as well as live, breaking news, and enterprise reporting throughout the greater Los Angeles area.